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12 Ways To Make Waking Up This Winter Slightly More Bearable

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1. Go to bed before you're actually tired.

Lady sing the blues (CC BY-ND 2.0) / Via Flickr: thesehollowbones

“I trained myself to wake up earlier by having 'reverse sleep-ins' where I’d go to bed a little bit earlier every night (even if I wasn’t tired) and just relax in bed. Eventually, I got used to it.”

– Daria W

2. Set small, achievable goals so you can start the day with a sense of accomplishment.


"I like to schedule things in the morning – whether going to a gym class, taking something to the post office, or getting up a bit earlier to walk to work – so that I have a sense of achievement instead of just a blur from tired eyes. You can just get SO MUCH done in the mornings if you wake up a little bit earlier, and that makes it worth it to me!"

– Katherine G

3. Make it so the first thing you do in the morning is your favourite part of the day.

Giulia Bertelli / Via

"I use mornings to work on personal writing projects. Springing out of bed becomes easy when the first thing I do is my favourite part of the day. I always write while drinking coffee, so the ritual of waking, making coffee, reading something for inspiration, and then sitting down to type has become an important part of my life."

– James L

4. Choose a pleasant-sounding alarm and keep it out of arm's reach.

Emilia Keskinen (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: 66650922@N07

"Whatever your alarm is, make it a pleasant sound, and put it the farthest distance possible from your bed so you're forced to get up to turn it off."

– Clark M

5. And when you set your alarm, don't forget to add a few words of encouragement.


"I motivate myself to get up by reminding myself what I have to look forward to that day. It's always nice to wake up to a pep talk, even if it is from yourself."

– Louise K

6. Or swap your ~traditional~ alarm for something furry.

@erikins / Via

"Get a pet. They wake you up. It's annoying, but it's done out of happiness or hunger or love, and that's better than a blaring alarm."

– Kirk D

7. Keep the clothes you're wearing the next day close to your bed.


"When it's cold, I keep my clothes right next to the bed so I can grab them and get dressed without leaving my warm, toasty bed."

– Tim S

8. Put yourself in a good mood by reading something you love just before bed.

Alisa Anton / Unsplash / Via

"I read my favourite stuff before going to sleep at night, things that make me laugh. I also sometimes read a chapter from a book called A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness, and it helps me wake up real zen."

– Leslie R

9. Stop telling yourself you're not a morning person.

BuzzFeed / Via

"My main thing was just getting it out of my head that early mornings were bad. It sounds so simplistic, but I had drummed into my head that I hated mornings when, really, I just hated the thought of getting up. Plus, I now eat breakfast, which has really helped because I love food. So it's a real incentive to get up!"

– Josie A

10. Blast your favourite music to get you up and about.


"I keep my TV remote right next to my bed, and when my alarm goes off, I immediately turn my TV to my streaming service and BLAST music. It's the best trick in the world."

– Tara P

11. Allow for some time in the morning to do absolutely nothing.

Morre Christophe / Via

"Give yourself at least an hour of 'putter around' time before you need to leave the house. Waking up and feeling rushed will always make your day start crappy."

– Edwin H

12. If time permits, sleep with your curtains open and let the sun wake you up naturally.

Bekah Russom / Via

"I've never been a morning person, but I've recently moved to a different apartment and haven't hung up curtains (the window in my last room was fully blacked out). I've been waking up a lot easier (on weekdays and on weekends, even after late nights) by having the sun brighten up my room."

– Paula M

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