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    100 Things That Must Be On Your UNC Bucket List

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    1. Attend a CHiPS Show

    2. Attend a show at Memorial Hall

    3. Attend or host a cookout at a dorm

    4. Attend TedxUNC

    5. Attend the Carrboro Farmers' Market

    6. Become a General Alumni Association alumni member

    7. Become a member of the Dead Mule Club

    8. Climb the Bell Tower during Senior Week

    9. Climb to the top of a building on campus

    10. Complete a DTH crossword puzzle

    11. Crash a student tour

    12. Do the 2 a.m. walk of shame from Davis to the UL

    13. Donate to the Senior Campaign

    14. Drink an extra large coffee at the Daily Grind

    15. Drink from the Old Well

    16. Eat cheese fries at Linda's

    17. Eat some freshly spun gelato from Sugarland

    18. Eat traditional Southern food at Mama Dip's Kitchen

    19. Enjoy a music rehearsal outside Person Hall

    20. Enjoy the best frozen yogurt in town at the Yogurt Pump

    21. Fall asleep on a couch at Graham Memorial for an inappropriate amount of time

    22. Feed a squirrel on campus

    23. Find a local food truck

    24. Frolic on the Upper Quad during a snow day

    25. Get a pick-me-up from the Blue Ram Café

    26. Get a picture with Rameses

    27. Get a stack of waffles at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe

    28. Get an ice cream from Maple View Farms in Hillsborough

    29. Get covered in paint at the Holi Moli celebration

    30. Get on the risers for a basketball game

    31. Get your picture on the wall of Sutton's

    32. Go hiking!

    33. Go swimming in the Eno Rock Quarry

    34. Go to a Durham Bulls game

    35. Go to an a cappella concert

    36. Go to Duke's campus in a UNC shirt

    37. Go to IP3 for a game

    38. Go to the Senior Etiquette Dinner

    39. Go to Wilson Library and pretend you're in Hogwarts

    40. Hammock...everywhere...

    41. Have a Jordan Lake day with your best friends

    42. Have a picnic in the arboretum

    43. Have breakfast at Carolina Coffee Shop

    44. Have brunch at the Carolina Inn

    45. Head to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen and order a biscuit

    46. High-five Roy Williams

    47. Indulge in a meal on the patio of TOPO and overlook Franklin Street

    48. Karaoke...anywhere...

    49. Listen to some bluegrass at Fridays on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn

    50. Memorize the words to James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind"

    51. Order a BLT from Merritt's

    52. Paint a cube in the Pit

    53. Paint yourself blue for a sporting event

    54. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity build

    55. Participate in Wilson Library Clue

    56. Pit Sit for a student organization

    57. Play basketball in Woolen Gym

    58. Play Cards Against Humanity at Zog's

    59. Play Four Square in the Pit

    60. Play in the fountain at Bynum Circle

    61. Play in the Outdoor Education Center

    62. Play racquetball at Fetzer Gym

    63. Play volleyball on a sand court

    64. Pretend to fire the ROTC cannon

    65. Read an issue of each student publication

    66. Read an issue of the DTH from cover to cover

    67. Ride a full circle of the P2P route

    68. Run or walk a campus 5K

    69. Run the stairs at Kenan Stadium

    70. Rush Franklin.

    71. See a CUAB free film in the Union Auditorium

    72. See a movie at the Varsity Theatre

    73. See a show at Local 506 or Cat's Cradle

    74. See a star show at Morehead Planetarium

    75. See an exhibit at the Ackland Art Museum

    76. See the Belted Galloway cows and shop at Fearrington Village

    77. See your favorite local author speak at Flyleaf Books

    78. Sing "Hark The Sound" and link arms with a stranger at a sporting event

    79. Sit on the Davie Poplar bench - with someone else.

    80. Sit underneath the trees and sip a coffee at Caffé Driade

    81. Stand on your feet for 24 hours for Dance Marathon

    82. Stop by the historic Horace Williams House and see a local art exhibition

    83. Stroll through the North Carolina Botanical Garden

    84. Study at a Carrboro coffee shop

    85. Summit the climbing wall at Campus Rec

    86. Take a picture in front of the "Greetings From Chapel Hill" mural

    87. Take a tour of the TOPO Distillery

    88. Take a walk across campus early in the morning before anyone else is awake

    89. Take a weekend trip to Asheville and drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway

    90. Take your dog to Chapel Hill

    91. Time Out.

    92. Tweet at a UNC varsity athlete

    93. Visit the Duke Botanical Gardens

    94. Visit the Carolina Basketball Museum

    95. Visit the Carolina Tiger Rescue

    96. Walk across the Morehead Planetarium sundial on your way to Franklin Street

    97. Walk the beautiful 1.5 mile Bolin Creek Trail

    98. Watch the sunset from the 8th floor of Davis Library

    99. Win an intramural sports match

    100. Win Back Bar trivia