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    10 Things You Need To Know About "The Imitation Game"

    Intriguing film, yes. Entirely true and accurate representation? That's a big fat no. Sue Black and Stevyn Colgan, Bletchley Park experts and authors of Saving Bletchley Park, bust the myths about Turing and Enigma. Complete with Benedict Cumberbatch gifs.

    1. Myth: The machine that Turing built was called Christopher.

    2. Myth: The Bombe machine was built by Turing.

    3. Myth: There was only one Bombe machine.

    4. Myth: The mansion house in the film is at Bletchley Park

    5. Myth: A tiny team of codebreakers did the main work at Bletchley Park.

    6. Myth: Enigma alone shortened the war by two years.

    7. Myth: Most of the people that worked at Bletchley Park were men.

    8. Myth: Turing committed suicide.

    9. Myth: Turing was suspected of being a spy.

    10. Myth: Enigma was broken by Turing.