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    11 Times Gemma Corell Proved That She Gets You

    The English illustrator loves pugs, coffee and puns. She's also a mind reader.

    Gemma Corell gets that your mom worries about you

    Gemma Correll gets your love of puns

    Gemma Correll knows you can't taste raisin in your coffee


    "I love your beard, Intelligentsia/Blue Bottle barista with the soulful eyes, but there are no 'notes of grapefruit and fudge' in this cup."

    Gemma Correll knows you were underwhelmed by "Drunk In Love"

    Gemma Correll knows that you can believe it's not butter

    Gemma Correll knows where to find you at parties

    Gemma Correll knows that the polar vortex has ruined your life

    Gemma Correll knows you're sick of those damn posters

    Gemma Correll knows that this is your seventh time watching Totoro

    Gemma Correll knows the vicious "I'm a genius"/"I'm the worst" cycle of creative work

    Gemma Correll knows that a certain Dr. Seuss book lied to you about post grad life

    Correll did the illustrations for this hilarious, sometimes depressingly accurate testament to the struggles of post college life. Did we mention it makes the perfect graduation gift?

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