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This Is What Happened When These BFFs Styled Each Other's Makeup Looks

Want to discover your perfect makeup look? Head to Ulta Beauty for everything you need to glam it up this holiday season.

These BFFs were looking to make a splash at their office holiday party, so we had them style looks for each other with fabulous products from Ulta Beauty. Did they end up with a look they totally love or find out their BFF was totally off?

Emily on her usual no-fuss makeup routine:

"I’m blessed with fairly decent skin, which means my makeup routine is pretty minimal. I touch my face frequently during the day (which I know is really bad), so I figured it’s a waste if I go all out on my makeup to smear it off by noon. For my every day, I make sure my skin is moisturized and use a little bit of untinted primer before I dab concealer on, then I brush a light layer of powder foundation over my face. For my eyes, I use a brown eyeliner pencil and a light brush of black mascara."

What Jasmin had to say about her daily routine:

"Some might say I’m slightly high-maintenance when it comes to my makeup routine, but honestly, it just takes a long time to achieve that no-makeup makeup look! Which is basically my every day accompanied by my staple can’t-leave-the-house-without-it cat-eye (I feel naked without it!). Filled-in brows are also a must for me, as well as some CC cream if I feel I need some coverage, a smidge of bronzer, and a strobe of highlighter. And that’s my look! I don’t know if it’s actually a look, but it works for me, and it’s what gives me a little boost of confidence when I leave the house."

Jasmin's makeup look is already pretty comprehensive, so for maximum effect, Emily chose a beautiful, multifaceted turquoise eye and nude lip. 

This is certainly high-voltage beauty. To achieve this fabulous look, we used:

Tarte Maneater Liquid Eyeliner
Tarte Sweet Escape Collector's Set — shadows in Carry On, Sunnies, and Beach Tote

Too Faced Under the Christmas Tree Breakaway Makeup Palette & Mascara — blush, bronzer, and highlighter in Winter Glow, Christmas Flush, and Angel Kisses
Ardell Demi Wispies Natural Multipack
Ulta Luxe Lipstick in Raisin

In keeping with Emily's more simplified style, Jasmin chose a rosy gold eye look with a coordinating berry gloss.

This rose-toned look is sophisticated and put-together for sure. For Emily's full face, we used:

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Too Faced Under the Christmas Tree Breakaway Makeup Palette & Mascara in Unicorns Pull My Sleigh, Christmas Morning, and Pleasant Dreams

Tarte Sweet Escape Collector's Set — blush, bronzer, and highlighter in Island Hopping and Bandeau

So, what did they think of their new looks?

Emily was feelin' it:

"This makeup is a complete 180 from my usual routine. While it isn’t super-over-the-top makeup, it definitely highlights my face and gives me a more 'grown-up' look, even though I’m in my mid-twenties. My eyes are more defined with dark liner and eyeshadow color that somehow complements the color on my lip. There was also a noticeable shimmer/glow to my skin I’ve never really experienced before. If I had a trusty friend/makeup artist to re-create this look (because I would never trust myself in a million years to do it), I’d love to go out every once in a while with this look and see the difference it makes!"

And it turned out, so was Jasmin:

"Wow, well, this is definitely a makeup makeup look! I love the drama of the colorful smoky eye — the rich jewel tone is fab! As someone who takes an interest in beauty but doesn’t have the skill set of a pro, it’s definitely something I would attempt to do but fail miserably at. Although, if I could achieve it, I would absolutely rock this to a holiday party."

Both ended up with styles that were a little bit new for them but totally on point. 

Turns out, these BFFs know each other pretty well after all!

Photography: Sarah Stone © BuzzFeed 2018

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