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10 Gorgeous Holiday-Inspired Makeup Palettes

This holiday season, don't forget to dress up your face. Look to these beautiful holiday palettes for inspiration, and find all your beauty needs today at ULTA Beauty.

The Candy Cane

Lips: Use a long-lasting red lipstick with pink undertones.

Eyes: Sweep a shimmering white or light beige shadow on your lids, then finish off with a big dose of black mascara, and a thin line of black liquid liner for a more evening look.

The Brilliant Surprise

Lips: Use a moisturizing plum-colored lipstick or gloss.

Eyes: Start in the inner corners of your eyes with a bright white shadow. Use a dark shimmering gray or silver shadow on the rest of your eyelids, carefully applying it to your bottom lash line until it meets the white shadow.

The Christmas Holly

Lips: Use an extra glossy red or dark pink lipstick for this look.

Eyes: Apple a turquoise or deep green eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines, or use a flat eye liner brush dipped in green shadow for a similar effect.

The Lavender Beauty

Lips: Use a golden pink or coral colored lipstick.

Eyes: Sweep a light purple shadow on your lids and use an angles brush to apply a white shimmering shadow to the inner corner of your eyes and along your lower lash line. Finish off with a coat of dark mascara.

The Golden Glitz

Lips: Use a moisturizing red lipstick with golden undertones.

Eyes: Apply primer to your lids and dust on loose glittery shadow in gold.

The Warm Gingerbread

Lips: Apply a moisturizing burgundy or dark red lipstick.

Eyes: Apply a shimmering gold shadow on your lids and a dab of bronzer on the apples of your cheeks for an extra glow.

The Snow Queen

Lips: Use a very light baby pink or nude matte lipstick.

Eyes: Apply a dark blue liner to your top and bottom lash line, then sweep shimmery white or light blue shadow to your brow bone.

The Candlelit Glow

Lips: Use a shimmering pink or coral-colored lipstick.

Eyes: Sweep a shimmering gold shadow on your lids and apply dark black eyeliner along your upper lash line, finishing off with a well-blended brown shadow on the outer corner of your lids..

The Natural Sparkle

Lips: Apply a long-lasting burgundy lipstick and top with clear gloss.

Eyes: Sweep a shimmering golden shadow from your lash line to right underneath your brow bone. Finish the look with a thick line of black liquid liner and a sweep of shimmering white shadow right under your brows.

The Icy Blue Snowflake

Lips: Apply a sheer pink lipstick.

Eyes: Apply shadow primer to your eyelids, and sweep an iridescent gray or purple shadow up to your brown bone, Top with a thick layer of glittery silver shadow and finish off with jet black mascara.