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    So You Think You Can Learn?

    Do you know how to learn ? Take this quiz adapted from the book Learn Better and find out!

    1. True or false: When it comes to learning, metacognition (e.g. thinking about thinking) can be just as important as intelligence.
    2. True or false: Quizzing is an effective way to learn.
    3. A group of students wants to improve their long division skills. What is the best way for them to practice long division?
    4. What is the best way to learn from some text?
    5. True or false: Intelligence is fixed at birth.

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    6. True or false: Highlighters are a good learning tool.

    7. What is the most effective approach to learning something new from a text?

    8. To which of the following should you *not* tailor your learning:

    9. True or false: Learning should be spaced out over time.

    10. True or false: Right brained people learn differently from left brained people.

    11. You’re learning how to throw darts for the first time. What practice will be the most effective?

    12. True or false: when studying, students should alternate between learning things they don’t know and things they have recently learned.

    13. True or false: rereading is a highly effective approach to learning.

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