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Jaw-Dropping Talents That People Actually Have

These people put your party tricks to shame. Think they were good? Then you'll love the people actually appearing on World's Most Talented – a new TV show that pits amazing acts around the world, only on Watch starting 31st March at 9pm.

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5. The guy who is a boss at table tennis, despite having no hands: / Via

The guy, Ibrahim Hamato, took on some of the best players in the world as an honorary guest at the ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

40 incredible acts, 10 unique countries, and a jury of 100 international vloggers.

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This is the planet's ultimate talent contest, where extraordinary people compete for their country to be crowned World's Most Talented.

World's Most Talented starts on Tuesday, 31 March at 9pm only on Watch.

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