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"They Doubled In Price": 34 Common Grocery Items That People Say Are Costing Them Way, Way More Than They Used To

"The other day I went to buy a pack of ramen that used to be 25 cents. I hadn’t bought any in a while and almost passed out to see it was now 45 cents. Can I still find 45 cents? Sure, but it just captures the whole problem. Prices didn’t jump; they did an Olympic pole vault."

Megan Liscomb 7 hours ago

What Minimal Effort Recipes Do You Make On A Regular Basis That Have Become Staples In Your Household?

We are asking our readers to share their absolute favorite simple meals. Are you a busy mom who has a dinner that comes in clutch when you're pressed for time? Let us know. Do you work long or odd hours and have invented your own go-to easy meal? Are you a student or dad who has the PERFECT simple recipe? Tell us!

Krista Torres 8 hours ago

100 Days Post-Roe: This FemTech Lawyer Broke Down Everything You Need To Know About Data Privacy And Period Tracking Apps To Protect Yourself Online

There’s a lot of information swirling around about data privacy and period tracking apps. So what does it all mean? We spoke to a lawyer to get to the bottom of the issue and break down what exactly you need to know.

Victoria Vouloumanos 7 hours ago
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