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Zendaya in a gray top, next to her character Rocky wearing a graphic tee and red pants

Zendaya Shared Her "Complicated Feelings" On Child Stardom As She Recalled Being "Thrust" Into A "Very Adult Position" At A Young Age When She Became The Family "Breadwinner"

"I'm almost going through my angsty teenager phase now because I didn't really have the time to do it before. I felt like I was thrust into a very adult position: I was becoming the breadwinner of my family very early, and there was a lot of role reversal happening."

After Shutting Down Breakup Rumors, Tom Holland Made An Adorable Revelation About The Way He And Zendaya Fondly Rewatch Their “Special” First “Spider-Man” Movie

“Zendaya and I will, every now and then, watch Spider-Man 1 and reminisce about being 19 and making those movies again... I try not to watch them as often as I would maybe like to because it’s so special,” Tom shared.

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