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“I Don’t Google Anymore. I TikTok.”

“That's not to say that everything a random person on TikTok without credentials is saying is a lie, but you just have to know the difference between knowing that this is true, and thinking, Oh, I should look that up."

An illustration of three sets of hands holding up phones show different relationship stages.

Is Being Single Not Aesthetic Anymore?

From soft launches to "short king spring," let me introduce you to the long-term relationship aesthetic.

Social Media Therapists Can Resemble Cult Leaders

Therapists on Instagram and TikTok have greatly increased access to mental health advice, but opened the door to cultlike relationships without providing actual care.

My Favorite Parts Of The 2021 Internet

In this week's newsletter: 🎶I ain't never been with a baddie 🎶, Vodka and Scotch TikTok, and Viola Davis and her love of boomer memes.

The Three Most Charming Sisters On TikTok

In this week's newsletter: the trio of young Muslim sisters who've gained millions of followers with their hilarious and wholesome humor.

A Sponsored Disaster Is A Sponsor Disaster

In this week's newsletter: How the Travis Scott x BetterHelp partnership could have better served those in need of therapy, instead of it reading like a big promotional opportunity. (And how fun some influencers made the NYC marathon!)

Dear Influencers, Always Sign A Contract

In this week's newsletter: These misfortunes revealed how many handshake deals are still taking place between brand and influencer; And an ode to fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting, who said she feels like she's being chased off of the platform.

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