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Is Being Single Not Aesthetic Anymore?

From soft launches to "short king spring," let me introduce you to the long-term relationship aesthetic.

Social Media Therapists Can Resemble Cult Leaders

Therapists on Instagram and TikTok have greatly increased access to mental health advice, but opened the door to cultlike relationships without providing actual care.

My Favorite Parts Of The 2021 Internet

In this week's newsletter: 🎶I ain't never been with a baddie 🎶, Vodka and Scotch TikTok, and Viola Davis and her love of boomer memes.

The Three Most Charming Sisters On TikTok

In this week's newsletter: the trio of young Muslim sisters who've gained millions of followers with their hilarious and wholesome humor.

A Sponsored Disaster Is A Sponsor Disaster

In this week's newsletter: How the Travis Scott x BetterHelp partnership could have better served those in need of therapy, instead of it reading like a big promotional opportunity. (And how fun some influencers made the NYC marathon!)

Dear Influencers, Always Sign A Contract

In this week's newsletter: These misfortunes revealed how many handshake deals are still taking place between brand and influencer; And an ode to fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting, who said she feels like she's being chased off of the platform.

Olympic TikTok Is The Best

In one part of this week's newsletter: Despite all the cynicism I have about social media, Olympians sharing their experiences in Tokyo is one of the best uses of it.

I Am A Fan Of TikToker LeendaDong. However…

In one part of this week's newsletter: I try to parse out why a recent revelation has made me now uncomfortable watching someone who was one of my favorite social media personalities.

What VidCon Could Become If TikTok Continues To Take It Over

In this week's newsletter: Imagining the future of VidCon if it continues to have TikTok's influence, and how common it's become for creators to take short and long breaks from the internet.

Am I Getting Too Old To Write About The New Internet?

In one half of this week's newsletter: I ramble about my newest existential crisis being an aging digital media writer for a young audience and their ever-changing online ecosystem.

It's Time To Talk About "Prank" Culture On YouTube

In this week's newsletter: I address a popular kind of content that's built the careers of the platform's biggest creators — but walks a line between entertainment and abuse.

What Happened At The Capitol Splintered Social Media

In this week's newsletter: Influencers who remained silent in the aftermath of the insurrection felt just as loud as those who acknowledged it. It's a microcosm of the state of the country.

On TikTok, Sexism Prevails But Spon Is Evolving

This week's newsletter: Why the hate for Bella Poarch is steeped in something all too familiar, and why the latest e.l.f. Cosmetics spon campaign is too much branding, even in America.

I Want More From These Influencer Cover Stories

This week's newsletter: why Charli and Dixie D'Amelio's Seventeen cover story left me wondering more about them than I was learning — and a brief PSA for fashion influencers (TYING A FLANNEL AROUND YOUR WAIST IS NOT FALL FASHION).

Dear Influencers, It’s OK To Pass The Mic

This week's newsletter: Instagram activist and illustrator Danielle Coke of @ohhappydani sets an example of the power of influence in a time of crisis.

Will Huxley Stauffer’s Story Be The Wake-Up Call That Leads To Protections For Children Of Influencers?

This week's newsletter: The big controversial story this week that's sparking questions like What right does a child have to the profits of their internet-famous parents? And a woman's Instagram account that's grown massively for its beautiful tributes to black Americans who have been killed.

Brands Are Social-Distancing From Misbehaving Influencers

This week's newsletter: The massive #AllInChallenge campaign perfectly matches bored famous rich people and their fans for charity, and the fallout of the @Taza quarantine scandal.

What Place Do Influencers Have In A Pandemic?

This week's newsletter: There is a big debate happening online about what exactly influencers should be posting right now, or if they even should be at all. And home decor porn — it's good for the soul!

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