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100 Days Post-Roe: This FemTech Lawyer Broke Down Everything You Need To Know About Data Privacy And Period Tracking Apps To Protect Yourself Online

There’s a lot of information swirling around about data privacy and period tracking apps. So what does it all mean? We spoke to a lawyer to get to the bottom of the issue and break down what exactly you need to know.

Victoria Vouloumanos 5 hours ago

How The Supreme Court Could Overturn Roe v. Wade

More than a dozen cases are just one step away from the Supreme Court. They could allow the court to overrule Roe — or to restrict abortion for hundreds of thousands of people.

News O'Clock: States Are Blocking Abortions During The Pandemic

California universities are going to be online-only through 2020, some of your fave movies were the biggest box office flops, and we talk to NARAL Pro-Choice president Ilyse Hogue about some states using Coronavirus to limit access to abortion.

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