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Top Five Resources For Sexually Active Badgers

Regardless of whether or not you’ve chosen to be sexually active while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it’s super important that you know what resources are available to keep both yourself and our campus safe and healthy. For more detailed information about sexual health, visit the University Health Services (UHS) website.

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1. UHS Women's Health Clinic

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UHS is a one-stop-shop for STI testing and education, and the best part is it’s free for students! For more information about STIs, check out the UHS website or schedule an appointment through MyUHS.

2. Sex Out Loud

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Sex Out Loud provides inclusive sexual education materials to campus groups. Located in the Student Activity Center, it offers a trove of resources available to students for free, including information, a caring and knowledgeable staff, and many kinds of safer sex supplies. Check out their next campus event!

3. LGBT Campus Center

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Dedicated to providing education and outreach on behalf of the LGBT community, the LGBT Campus Center isn't just a great resource for sexually active students, it's also great for anyone who cares about having an inclusive campus environment. Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity, the folks who staff their Red Gym office space can tell you about all sorts of events and services they have to offer.

4. SexWIse and ListenWIse Workshops

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SexWIse and ListenWIse are two UHS-facilitated workshops provided at scheduled times and also available upon request. The 90-minute sessions provide a safe space for students to explore topics about sex and sexual assault, including consent, sexuality, and social norms. Though being offered to first-year students as part of an educational requirement, all student groups are able to request one of these workshops by sending an email to More information about these workshops, including times and locations, are available on the UHS website.

5. The UHS Website


UHS rolled out a new desktop and mobile-optimized website this summer, and it's a student's access point to many services available to the campus community.

Check out this handy guide to STIs and various contraceptive methods, as well as instructions for each method.

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