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23 Things That Will Inevitably Happen To You During Freshers Week

You haven't done Freshers unless you've done these...

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You’ll tell people your name, subject and where you’re from so many times you’ll consider getting it stamped on your forehead. If you’re from a small town, you’ll end up telling people you’re from near the closest big city…even though that’s over 40 miles away from your house


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You’ll be ambushed by an enthusiastic student ambassador who will encourage you to sign up to copious amounts of societies you had no idea existed and tell you which nights the SU has the best deals on drinks


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After your third night of takeaways, you’ll attempt to cook some “real food”, before hastily accepting that you can’t whip up dauphinoise potatoes and steak and resigning yourself to a life of instant noodles and microwave burgers

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