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Coco's Squat-Thrust Tips

This photo of Ice-T's wife Coco has been circulating the internet (with good reason!) but it's not the first time we've seen her in Imaginary Dump formation. Here are some tips on how to squat properly so you too can get a Coco ass!

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  • When using weights, keep your back straight, not arched.

  • It helps to have a sturdy prop in case you have trouble getting back up (especially for you top-heavy ladies!)

  • It's good if you can get your husband to spot you, especially if you're wasted and drooling.

  • This squat really works the inner thigh muscles, as well as the obliques.

  • Helpful tip: use a stripper pole for balance.

  • Fishnet tights lets your skin breathe when you're working up a sweat.

  • A chair will help you gauge how low you should go before you start experiencing knee strain.

  • Looking into a mirror will help you keep your back straight as you bend down.

  • Everyone will love your new, toned ass!