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14 Items You Need For An Epic Vacation

Pack like you party! Brought to you by UE BOOM.

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1. Kick-ass camera lenses for your phone.

You're gonna take a ton of pictures anyway, right? So why not make them look good?

This particular set comes with a 180° fisheye lens, wide-angle, and macro, 2X telephoto lens... so your pictures of pineapples (or whatever) will be the toast of Instagram.

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2. An underwater camera, because everything's sexier underwater.

Cell phones and water go together like... well... electronics and water. BUT with an underwater camera, you can take those scandalous photos, and the only thing you have to worry about is your dignity.

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6. A portable stadium pal, especially after enjoying all those sneaked drinks.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. If you're making good time on the highway, or you just can't wait in line for the restroom, one of these babies might save you from a ruined pair of pants.

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8. Sunglasses that turn everything into an Instagram filter.

Now you won't waste valuable vacation time taking crappy pics — with these sunglasses, you'll know if it'll look good with that damn filter you always use.

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9. A combination door stop/alarm. Just in case.

It's not that you don't trust the hotel locks, but... you know... this thing takes up almost no space, so why not? Plus, if you want to spend some private time with that charming tourist guide you just met, you want to be sure there are no untimely interruptions from your hotel roommate.

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10. And speaking of "just in case"... a combination machete / saw could come in handy.

Good luck getting this through security. But if you end up landing on a deserted island instead of an island resort, you’ll be named the pirate king.

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12. A hand-powered sand excavator.

When push comes to shovel on the beach and you become lead architect on the biggest, baddest sandcastle ever, you’ll want one of these. Also comes in handy for burying unruly children neck deep in sand.

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