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Be My Valentine: It's Time For Love To Be Uberized!

The new dating website Be My Valentine will helps you to find love and stop being on your own for Valentine’s Day.

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A new concept…

What if a new application suggests you a concept quite simple to find love for 14th of February? This is the purpose of BMyV that connects people firstly answering to one single but essential question: “What kind of Valentine’s Day would you live?”

After that question, the website will collect your answer in a data basis which will bring users profile together. The union will also be determined by BMyV following the percentage of interest that everyone is placing in a tremendous list of selection criteria such as physical appearance, humour, money, hobbies, but also character traits much more complex like empathy, generosity, enthusiasm.

As you will quickly be aware, it is very easy to get caught up in the game.

… based on a new method…

You are already thinking “yet another dating website” but you will see through this article that BMyV has higher ambitions than being one Gen Yers new invention’s of many.

Disgusted at Tinder? Not old-fashioned enough to go on Meetic? Disappointed by Lovoo? Sick of waiting on Once? You’ve just found the App you need to satisfy your love actually!

The main task of the website is to bring people that will match in the most appropriate manner. In this context, the start-up will rally people behind an atypical profile as follows in a tiny glimpse:

* The too classy lover

Normality is more that his way of living everything. A quiet restaurant for Valentine’s day and a bunch of flowers are his credo. But in the end, what is more romantic than a fireside chat with the beloved.

* The love music singer

Now I’ve, had, the time of my liiiiiIIIIIIiiiifffffeeeeee….. Okay, you’ve got that profile ;)

* The pet lover

Human best friend is not only useful online, but also in the daily life. Indeed, what a better way to start a conversation than mentioning the pet of the coveted person?

* The hard worker

Logical, responsible and well organized. That are the main traits that the hard worker has! He is able to think logically, possesses a good analysis and synthesis spirit. The hard worker has no time to look for love and that’s why BMyV will shortly become an essential tool.

* The daydreamer

The dreamer is quite different from the hard worker, he is calm and likes taking is time to do things. He dresses according to the weather and does not concern himself with his external appearance. Little talker if we do not go looking for him. Rather reserved, he does not like to express his feelings.

* The crazy stupid lover

For better or for laughter…

…that revolutionized love at first sight!

A single week: this is effectively the time that BMyV users will get to find love. The concept will surprise many of you but this is the first temporary website which should open from Saturday 10th March 2017 until Saturday 17th March of the same year.

Find love for one special day and make this special day last an entire life, this is the incredible bet that would take soon a young entrepreneur launching BMyV if the buzz goes on!!!

Don’t hesitate to share this article with all your connections: every lover and non-lover, old bachelor or old maid, disillusioned lovers and those who never knows it in order to create happiness and everlasting love around you.

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