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    43 Things Every Blue Hen Should Do Before Graduating

    The UD Bucket List was created by students and alumni to help Blue Hens get the most out of their time at the University of Delaware. With the help of senior Joey Silver and the UD social media community, we've checked off all 43 Bucket List items to inspire you to complete yours!

    1. Kiss under the Kissing Arches / Via

    Think you've met your match at UD? Visit the Kissing Arches on either side of Memorial Hall to make your "Double Del" status official!

    Between 1914 and 1915, UD was split between Delaware College on the North Green and the Women's College on the South Green. The Kissing Arches were where sweethearts would say goodnight before heading back to their residence halls for curfew.

    2. Explore the solar system

    Via Ashley Paulos

    You don't need to leave campus to discover the planets! Starting at Old College and ending at the Fred Rust Ice Arena, UD's scale model of the solar system let's you explore the entire universe in one afternoon.

    3. Rub Hugh Morris' Nose / Via

    Need some good luck before finals? Rub the nose on the bust of the formal federal District Court judge on your way out of the Hugh Morris Library. Does it really work? We're not sure. But at some point, anything helps!

    4. Take a picture with YoUDee or Baby Blue

    Via Twitter: @BlueHenAlly

    Everyone's favorite Blue Hens are anything but camera shy!

    5. Visit the UDairy Creamery

    6. Eat at every dining hall

    Via Ashley Paulos

    Enjoy a variety of food options in the four dining halls on campus, with new additions coming soon!

    7. Attend your "Sophomore Swap" and "Junior 1/2 Way There Party" events hosted by the UD Alumni Association


    Remember the t-shirt you got while touring another school that you never wear? Trade it in at the Sophomore Swap for a new one with your class year on it! Then during your junior year, celebrate the second half of your college career at the Junior 1/2 Way There Party!

    8. Join a Registered Student Organization or Greek Life


    Join to make new friends, support a cause or philanthropy and create lifelong memories! Activities Night, held at the beginning of each semester, is the perfect opportunity to find the right group for you.

    9. Attend a non-football sporting event

    Facebook: udelaware

    Everyone loves Blue Hens football, but there are 21 other varsity sports to check out and cheer for from the Cockpit!

    10. Take part in UDance or Relay for Life

    UDance and Relay for Life are not only fantastic ways to raise money and help find a cure for cancer, but you'll have an amazing experience and make memories to last a lifetime!

    11. Eat at Vita Nova


    Sure to impress, this five-star gem run by Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management students is hidden upstairs in the Trabant University Center. Bon appetite!

    12. Take a picture with the Blue Hen on Laird Campus

    Via Ashley Paulos

    Every time you walk over the Laird Campus bridge, you may be missing something! Look below to find the art deco metal Blue Hen statue welcoming students to the beautiful north side of campus.

    13. Ice skate at the Fred Rust Ice Arena

    14. See a movie at the Trabant Theatre


    "Triumphant YoUDee" knows you don't need to go to an expensive movie theater to see the latest films. Grab two tickets and some snacks to make the perfect date night and who knows--maybe completing UD Bucket List item #14 could lead to checking off #1?

    15. Read The Review or listen to WVUD

    16. Decorate your residence hall room for the holidays


    Ok, St. Patrick's Day counts.

    17. Go rock climbing at the Little Bob


    Reach new heights as you climb to the top of the Bob Carpenter Sports Building's rock wall!

    18. Attend a SCPAB or CPAB Concert


    Shows this year included Ed Sheeran, J. Cole and Aaron Carter! #AaronsPartyUD

    Had so much fun at the @CPAB_UD concert last night.. My fav was when @JColeNC wore a UD hoodie

    Amanda Reich@BlueHenAmanda

    Had so much fun at the @CPAB_UD concert last night.. My fav was when @JColeNC wore a UD hoodie

    11:58 AM - 23 Apr 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    19. Visit White Clay Creek State Park


    Escape campus for a few hours and visit nearby White Clay Creek State Park to enjoy nature, explore the trails or relax with a good book.

    20. Attend a Homecoming Week event / Via

    Enjoy daily #UDHC activities and events with past, present and future Blue Hens leading up to the annual pep rally and game day!

    21. Make Dean's List

    Make your family proud and add this accomplishment to your Merit profile!

    22. Have a picnic on The Green / Via

    Combine a sunny day, a few good friends, some tasty treats and one of the most beautiful spots on campus for the perfect afternoon. Take it from Joey. He loves picnics.

    23. Volunteer with an organization or UD Alternative Breaks

    Via Facebook: udelaware

    Whether it's building a house as part of UDAB trip or volunteering with another organization, giving back to the community is part of what it means to be a Blue Hen.

    24. Complete your DLE (Discovery Learning Experience)

    Via Facebook: udelaware

    Get out of the classroom and gain some real world experience by completing an internship, doing research, taking part in service learning or studying abroad!

    25. Eat at a food cart

    Via Twitter: @idontgiveaFORK

    Have a craving for great food but don't have the time to sit down? Stop at one of the multiple food cart locations across campus, like UD alum Leigh Ann Tona's I Don't Give a Fork!

    26. Sign your UD Alumni Association class banner

    Via Facebook:

    Make your mark by signing your name with pride alongside your fellow classmates. Your class banner is available for signing at multiple UD Alumni Association events throughout the year.

    27. High-five President Harker

    28. Attend a Career Services Center event or meeting

    In addition to regular opportunities for resume and networking help, the UD Career Services Center hosts several large career fairs each year. Blue Hens know a career fair is a great place to meet potential employers and practice interview skills.

    29. Visit the UD Botanic Gardens

    Lucas meet Kyle, Kyle meet Lucas our AG Comm Mascot showing South Campus Spirit! #selfiesonsouth #UDHC


    Lucas meet Kyle, Kyle meet Lucas our AG Comm Mascot showing South Campus Spirit! #selfiesonsouth #UDHC

    2:33 PM - 08 Oct 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    30. Get decked out in Blue and Gold for a UD football game

    Via Facebook: udelaware

    Whether it means painting your face or throwing on a "Kiss Me, I'm a Blue Hen" button, seeing Blue and Gold in the Cockpit is what pushes our Hens to go for the win at every game.

    31. Attend Parents and Family Weekend


    Among the many fun events and activities during the annual Parents and Family Weekend is the popular comedy show, which a few years ago featured Bill Cosby, and most recently--Martin Short.

    32. Go listen to a guest speaker on campus

    Via Twitter: @BlueHenAbby

    Be on the lookout for famous names like Maya Angelou, Vice President Joe Biden (speaking at Commencement!), Anderson Cooper and many more as they come to UD to share their stories.

    Here, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor talks to students in fall 2013.

    33. Visit a campus museum

    Via Ambre Alexander, University of Delaware

    You don't have to go far to find yourself a quality cultural experience! Whether you are interested in painting, sculpture or geology, something is bound to catch your eye at one of UD's many on-campus museums.

    34. Eat at Newark Deli and Bagels

    Nothing like NDB to get my morning going. #noms

    Meagan Walsh@BlueHenMeagan

    Nothing like NDB to get my morning going. #noms

    9:20 AM - 02 May 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    35. Eat nachos at Klondike Kate's

    The classic combination of tortilla chips, cheese, guacamole and salsa is always a crowd pleaser, especially if you're enjoying it while taking in the sights and sounds of Main Street from Kate's porch.

    36. Go to a non-chain coffeehouse / Via

    The cast of Friends got it right when they ditched the chains for a cozy coffee shop experience. And yes, we even have our own Central Perk!

    37. Watch the sunrise or sunset on The Green / Via

    The Green is a beautiful place any time of day. Yet, there's something extra special about it at sunrise or sunset. Check it out and bring your camera to capture a picture-perfect moment.

    38. Play on the Harrington Beach

    39. Take a fitness or BHAN (Behavioral Health and Nutrition) class

    Avoid the dreaded "freshman 15" and stay active throughout your college years by enrolling in a fitness class or group, like the Healthy HENS Zumba club!

    40. Run up the steps of Old College

    Have your own "Rocky" moment by running to the top of the steps of Old College. Once you reach the top, turn around and marvel at how much the University has grown and evolved since Old College stood alone as the home of Delaware College.

    41. Pull an all-nighter (studying)

    Via Twitter: @BlueHenLaura

    Make the most of every minute here at UD. Don't forget the snacks and caffeine to help you power through. And remember, you can't function without proper sleep, so don't attempt too many of these!

    42. Watch a student performance

    Via Facebook:

    In addition to being spirited and scholarly, Blue Hens are also quite talented! Whether it's vocal, instrumental or theatrical, there seems to always be some kind of student performance happening on campus.

    43. Participate in 1743 Welcome Days

    Via Twitter: @BlueHenHannahT

    1743 Welcome Days is a weekend-long event for students joining the campus community at the beginning of every school year. Go as a freshman to connect with your new Blue Hen family or come back as an upperclassman and volunteer!


    Whether you're an incoming freshman or senior, it's never too early or too late to start your UD Bucket List. Use #UDBucketList to share your accomplishments!

    And when you complete this list, the UD Student Alumni Ambassadors have 17 more UD Bucket List items for you to check off after graduation. Blue Hens Forever!

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