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14 Things That Can Happen When You Go To The #UDFallFair

You never know what could unfold when you attend UD's Fall Career Fair!

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1. You finally get to test out that suit your mom made you buy

2. Boys: Practice tying those ties!


3. Girls: Learn how to walk in those heels!

4. It's the chance to evaluate your career goals

5. Gives you an excuse to get a good night's sleep


6. Make the trek down to see the Big Bob #UDBucketList

7. Get your daily workout in by climbing those Big Bob bleachers to meet employers located upstairs

8. Bond with alumni employers over how great UD is

9. Become famous on social media using the hashtag #UDFallFair

10. Free stuff. Need we say more?


11. Take a picture with the Big Bob's hen statue!

12. Reward yourself with UDairy for all your hard work!


13. Meet the employer that leads to your first job/internship


14. Follow your dreams! #UDreamitDoit


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