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Ways Different Countries Go Green

Countries around the world practice ways to protect the planet... what can YOU do to help keep our planet green?

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Recycling in Germany

Germany practices the Green Dot system with more packaging, there is an higher fee for the "Green Dot" on their products. Separating glass, paper, Green Dot and other items correctly prevents producing unnecessarily large amount of garbage read more about their color coding system here!

Water Conservation in Israel

Israel is one of the leading countries in water conservation.

Because of the weather and decrease in rainfall, Israel uses water efficiently.

Such as using groundwater and lake water, drilling deep wells, massive desalination, reusing treated sewage for farming (with 85% wastewater recycled), making efficient toilets mandatory, and other methods to discourage waste. The state emphasizes water conservation such on TV advertisements and uses drip irrigation to minimize water wasted.

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Renewable Energy in China

According to the most recent annual Report from the International Renewable Energy Agency indicates more than 2.5 million people work in the solar power sector. China has mandatory target in reducing coal energy consumption by increasing investment in clean energy.

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Cycling in Copenhagen, Denmark

The environmental movement help cycling flourish in Denmark. With car-free Sundays that helped with energy crisis in conservation. About 50% of the residents cycle. Here they developed a bicycle culture.

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Here are some ways you can go Green!

* invest in a reusable water bottle!

* go chemical free with sustainable options for cleaning products and pesticides

* eat organic food!

* take public transportation (or bike!)

* reduce your waste and conserve energy!

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