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Spirit Week

As we know, week 5 will be the Spirit Week of UCSD, in which different colleges will hold different events to celebrate our spirit and be united within it. Our annual Spirit Night will be on February 9th, Friday at RIMAC, where we will cheer on Women's and Men's games as Triton Basketball takes on Cal State Pomona. Don't forget to come and cheer for our Triton athletes!

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School Sports Day

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Most of the schools will have one or more days of Sports Day every year. Students compete with each other for the class that they belong to on various sports and win victory for their classes. Sport events include track and field, basketball, volleyball, and some group events like relay, tug-of-war, three-legged race, etc. Students' spirits are raised during Sports Days as it is one of the best ways to feel a sense of honor and belonging to their classes.



Cheerleading is also an important contributor to sport spirit. During Sports Day, there are usually many parades of flags, marching bands, and the team spirit of the color-coded teams. Each team tries to outdo each other’s spirit by screaming or cheering louder than the other. Whoever could scream or cheer the loudest and shake their pompoms and noise makers with the most enthusiasm will bring the most power to the team they support!

Supporting School's Sport Team


School Spirit is best shown by students coming to support their school's sports team competing with others. Students will be so proud of their school team and some of them will become life-long fans of the team even after they graduate. This picture shows students at University of Southern California coming to watch their football team, the Trojans.

Now Get Ready For Our Spirit Night on Feb 9th!


Get yourself a face-paint with our school colors, wear a spirit shirt of our school, make spirit bracelets, wear temporary tattoos featuring our school logo or mascot, bring your noisemakers, school flags and amp up your school spirit! Come to Spirit Night at RIMAC on February 2nd to watch our school team triumph!

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