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5 Must Have Apps To Connect With Your Loved Ones Back Home

Being far away isn't always easy. I've downloaded all the possible apps to keep my friends and family close and these are the best I could find:

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4. Path


Stop fighting Facebook's privacy settings. With Path you can find your friends and navigate a more private timeline where you can post almost anything to keep loved ones back home updated on your latest adventures. Check it out (Android) (Apple)

3. Tango


This is a free app for great quality video calling: create groups, have fun with the available filters and masks or play games while chatting. Send texts, stickers, photos almost anything.

Also, get free calls to ANY number in the US, Mexico, Canada and India and low rates for calls to the rest of the world.

2. Couple


Long-distance relationships don't have to be so scary. The Couple App will keep you connected with your bae through your own private social network: send cute messages, drawings, secret pictures, regular pictures, well, all kinds of pictures really and even thumbkisses.

Couple even helps you adapt to the time difference, plus it will remind you of anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions so the distance doesn't kill the magic.

1. WhatsApp


if your family keeps complaining that you don't call enough or you have to hang up in the middle of juicy gossip because, let's face it, international phone calls are crazy expensive (not suitable for the college student budget) this app is your solution.

The new version includes phone call and video call options you can use anywhere with wi-fi or your data plan as if it were a regular call. No accounts/ passwords, free download, and even better, no more failed skype calls.

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