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Paid PostAug 8, 2018

16 Reasons Why The Summer Before Uni Is Both The Best And The Worst

Excited for a slice of true independence = scared someone might ask you to iron something.

1. You're ready to celebrate what could be one of the last summers with all of your friends in one place...


Summer 2k18 will be the one to remember.

2. ...but in reality everyone goes away at different times so there are literally only two days where you can all be together.

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The group message just becomes a confusing mess of what dates people are actually available to start making the memories that'll make it a summer to remember.

3. You'll inevitably end up falling in love...

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A friend you've only ever seen as a friend starts to become a little bit more than just a friend.

4. ...but then you'll have to decide what to do when it comes to moving away.

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Cue the dramatic conversations where you end up staring out of a window while asking yourself, "Why is life so hard sometimes?"

5. This is the year you and your friends decide to actually do all those far-fetched plans you've always wanted to do...


Yes, you've never tried any type of skydiving before, but you and your mates have been practising your roly-polies so you should be just about ready to do some sick tricks in the sky.

6. ...but then you all realise that the money to go skydiving should probably be saved for buying textbooks. / Via

With a bit of clever budgeting and library skills though, you should be fine to do both.

7. Every hang out with your friends feels more special and poignant than the last because you know you may not see each other for a long time...

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You know you'll miss your friends, but you also know they'll always be there for you and you'll be there for them.

8. ...but you're also excited to make some new friends who won't know all of the embarrassing things you did between the ages of 7 and 18.

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Bonus points: Your uni friends will eventually meet your home friends, and then you'll meet their uni friends, and you'll all combine to make one huge group of friends.

9. Your excitement to live away from home and set your own rules reaches a fever point...

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Going to university brings with it a whole new level of freedom (even if you're living at home while you study) that will help you to make your way into adulthood.

10. ...but you also can't help but question whether you're ready.


Scared? Everyone else will be too, but you'll be absolutely fine. University will be one of your biggest and best leaps yet.

11. Your parents will seesaw between making your last few days at home extra special...

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Towards the end of the summer, your fridge will be filled with all your favourite foods and your parents will keep looking at you with a weepy look in their eyes as they tell you repeatedly about how proud of you they are. Weird, but very sweet.

12. ...and "preparing" you for the outside world.

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They'll also insist on dragging you out of bed at 7am even though you have no plans because "you'll have to get up early to study at uni."

13. You'll spend an inordinate amount of time deciding on what ~vibe~ you want to create in your university halls room...

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Do you want your room to be the one that everyone hangs out in or an inner sanctuary of peace and quiet just meant for you?

14. ...before quickly realising that packing up and moving is actually a way bigger task than you first thought it would be.

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Your parents insist that moving out to university is a great time to also clear out your room at home so they can turn it into a "home gym." Great.

15. You love having all the free time in the world...

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Summer to-do list: nap, eat, sunbathe, nap again, make some snacks, send some texts, go to sleep.

16. ...but every so often you can't help but think of your upcoming A-Level results day.

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You know there is nothing you can do about your results now, but that doesn't make the waiting any easier!

Even if you don't get the A-Level results you wanted, you can still apply for university through clearing. The University of Central Lancashire have a designated clearing helpline for those going through the process – call now: 01772 830777.

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