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11 Ways UCLA Takes The Lead In Tackling The Challenges Of Tomorrow

If we're going to solve the problems of tomorrow, we have to start working today.

1. Pioneering lifesaving gene-therapy procedures

2. Designing a smarter city

3. Turning pollutants into building materials

4. Ensuring young students have the skills to succeed in tomorrow's economy

5. Exploring the cutting edge of interactive entertainment

6. Transforming LA into a model of sustainability

7. Inspiring a new generation of musicians

8. Rethinking affordable housing

9. Connecting the LA community to the rest of the world

10. Advancing research to cure deadly diseases

11. Empowering new voices in key fields of study

The community at UCLA looks ahead to a bright future because they know Los Angeles is ready for the challenges tomorrow will bring! That's optimism. Find out more here!