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8 Coolest Classes To Take At UCLA

What's the coolest class you have ever taken at UCLA? #UCLACoolestClass

1. Music History 8 - History of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) (Robert Fink)

2. Chem 14D - Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals (Neil Garg)

3. English 138 - Creative Writing: Screenplay (James Franco)

4. Astrophysics I - Stars and Nebulae (Andrea Ghez)

5. Life Sciences 15 - Life: Concepts and Issues (Jay Phelan)

6. Geography 6 - World Regions: Concepts and Contemporary Issues (Jared Diamond)

7. German 118SL - Between Memory and History: Interviewing Holocaust Survivors (Todd Presner)

8. Film and Television 106A - History of American Motion Picture (Jonathan Kuntz)