9 Reasons Why You Should Attend UCLA

For nearly 100 years, UCLA has been a pioneer, persevering through impossibility, turning the futile into the attainable.

1. Award Winning Faculty

Faculty are Nobel Prize winners, Fields Medal recipients and MacArthur Fellows like Andrea Ghez, who is a leading mind in understanding the mechanics of the universe.

2. World-Class Research

Consistently ranks among the top-five public universities and colleges nationwide. As a freshman, you’ll have every opportunity to work on real, publishable research that has a profound effect on the world.

3. Curriculum

Via Complete listing of majors and minors (admissions.ucla.edu)

UCLA’s curriculum features more than 3,800 courses and 125 majors.

4. Amazing Location

UCLA campus / Via ucla.edu

The campus is located in the heart of Westwood, one of the most iconic and safest areas in one of the most vibrant, diverse cities in the world.

5. Athletics

UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame / Via uclabruins.com

A history of rewriting it with more NCAA titles than any other university producing 250 Olympic medalists.

6. Student Organizations

With over 1,000 clubs and student organizations, UCLA’s campus is an epicenter of culture, progress and activism.

7. Volunteering and Community Service

UCLA Volunteer Center / Via volunteer.ucla.edu

UCLA attracts doers. It’s ranked as one of the top universities for public service in the nation, offering students a breadth of volunteer opportunities.

8. 329 Days Of Sunshine A Year

The weather is amazing.

9. This Is Where The Internet Was Born

Interface Message Processor / Via internethistory.ucla.edu

The world’s first message was sent over the network by a team led by UCLA professor Leonard Kleinrock

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