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10 Signs You Are A UCLA Bruin

Are you a True Bruin?

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1. You know who this is / Via UCLA Athletics (

2. When meeting a fellow Bruin for the first time you do the 8-clap instead of shaking hands / Via 2013 UCLA 8-Clap Heard Around the World (

3. You don’t own any cardinal colored clothes / Via UCLA Athletics

4. You still yell at midnight when stressed out / Via UCLA Powell Library

5. You’re comfortable having dinner with 12 strangers / Via UCLA Alumni Dinner for 12 Strangers (

6. You know this is more than just a bell / Via Victory Bell (

7. You know no bonfire will ever be as great as this one / Via Beat 'SC Bonfire & Rally (

8. Diddy Riese

9. You're comfortable standing next to a bear

10. You say "Go Bruins!" instead of saying "Bye"