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The Emotional Stages Of Deciding Whether Or Not To Work Out Today

We've all been there. Many, many times. Thanks to Shape Up, you don't even need to leave home for a super fun workout — so you won't have to go through these emotions anymore.

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1. Exercise? Nope.


2. NO, TODAY IS THE DAY! The sun is shining; it's warm out — I can do this.

3. There's only six weeks of warm weather left, though; I should really let myself enjoy it.

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4. But I slept in my exercise gear and EVERYTHING.

5. Urrgh my car is just so far away... And I won't work out properly if I'm tired.

6. Plus, I had salad twice this week. That's worth one workout. Back to bed.

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7. But, like, ENDORPHINS! I can do this!


8. Now that I know I'm going to work out tonight, I can totally eat whatever I want today. YES!

9. OK, well, now I've eaten something naughty, so I guess I'll just keep eating and start tomorrow.

Or next Monday. Yeah. Monday is a good day.

10. No, I'm being stupid. Once I'm there, I'll love it, and I'll totally thank myself for this.

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11. But this means I'll have to shower and wash my hair AGAIN.

12. Somebody really should be at home in case any packages get delivered, though.



Between your bed and the front door, there are a lot of opportunities to change your mind. Thankfully, you can play Shape Up in your own living room, so you'll never go through this again.