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10 Things You Should Probably Know About "South Park: The Fractured But Whole"

Sh*t is about to hit the fan.

1. Matt Stone and Trey Parker wanted to call the game Butthole of Time, but retailers would've refused to put "butthole" in the display windows.

2. You have a super "butthole" that lets you time travel and perform attacks.

3. Every toilet in the game is useable and comes with a mini game.

4. The difficulty setting is based on skin colour.

5. You can fully customise your character, including a diverse range of RPG classes and genders.

6. The story of the game takes place exactly one day after the last South Park game, The Stick of Truth.

7. It builds on the great RPG gameplay from Stick of Truth and gives it a modern twist...

8. ...including a really interesting new turn-based attack system.

9. Everything is hand-drawn.

10. Oh, and you'll be able to build a social media presence and take selfies with surprise "celebrity" cameos.

Watch the trailer for South Park: The Fractured but Whole. Buy it on PS4, Xbox One, and PC here.

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