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10 Reasons Why Farts Are Like Having A Superpower

Imagine having a super butthole. Maybe you do. If you think of farts in a different way.

1. Farts can be used to clear entire rooms in a single hit.

2. Farts can travel faster than a speeding bullet.

3. Farts can sometimes just explode out of your butt without warning.

4. Farts don't even know their own powerful strength...

5. ...with their smell being truly destructive

6. Farts can also sneak up on foes with extraordinary stealth...

7. ...and be used to cropdust entire legions of enemies.

8. Farts come with GREAT responsibility. One wrong step using the power of your fart and you could end up with the dreaded ~shart~.

9. Farts can even have the power to make us laugh.

10. And remember: Farts, like any superpower, can be used for good or EVIL!

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