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8 Ways To Save Dough While Also Saving The Planet

Buy less, live more, help the planet. Simple.

Being good to the planet doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. When it comes to living more sustainably, most of us just need a little inspiration — and to break free from a few set-in habits that aren't serving us one bit!

1. Find local legends in your area who can help with repairs (if only we were all so skilled...).

2. Share your journeys with others — oh hello, Uber Pool!

3. Find your nearest zero waste store and start buying in bulk.

4. Embrace preloved fashion, toys, books, homewares, sports gear, electronics...basically, most of what you buy!

5. And while you're at it: Stop buying shit you don't need.

6. Make your own cleaners (and feel smug about it too, go on).

7. Embrace homemade lunches — you'll save a packet.

8. And finally, kill your bills — which, let's be honest, have inflated to a frightening degree this year.

Find out more about sharing rides (and saving up to 30%*) with Uber Pool. It's a great way to save money, keep cars off the road and improve the air in our cities. Discover more here.

*When compared to the equivalent UberX fare for your trip.