The Top 20 Signs You’ve Got A Case Of “MACtion”

Only true MAC fans will relate!

20. You remember Kent State Baseball’s memorable trip to Omaha in 2012

19. David Kool, Earl Boykins, Zeke Marshall, D.J. Cooper, and Trevor Huffman are household names to you

18. You have bookmarked

Does better MAC coverage exist?

17. You were cheering on Kent State against Indiana in the 2002 NCAA Tournament’s Elite Eight

Indiana just wouldn’t miss…

16. You know he’s a great quarterback but you’re not quite sure if you want to claim Ben Roethlisberger or not

Those allegations…

15. It drives you crazy when people say the “MAC Conference”

It’s not the “Mid-American Conference Conference” folks!

14. You Know Jack Lambert and Mike Schmidt are Hall of Famers but, more importantly, former MAC athletes

And Akron Alum Jason Taylor will soon be joining them!

13. You know who Jeremy Guy is and follow him faithfully on Twitter

Via @JGuyMAC

You know his alter ego @FakeGuyMAC as well.

12. You cheered on Northern Illinois in the 2013 Orange Bowl

And, unless you’re a Bowling Green fan, were bummed they lost in the 2013 MAC Championship Game.

11. When you hear the name “Antonio Gates” you think “MAC basketball” before “Future NFL Hall of Famer”

10. You have heard Michael Reghi refer to Akron’s student section as the “Ack-Rowdies” on several occasions

Seriously though, is anyone going to correct him?

9. You remember Charlie Coles and his epic Kentucky postgame press conference

Click the YouTube link and enjoy. R.I.P. Charlie.

8. You were pumped when the Chiefs selected Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher #1 Overall in the 2013 NFL Draft

Kansas City obviously pays attention to MACtion.

7. Byron Leftwich’s 2002 game against Akron is the most bad ass thing you have ever seen an athlete do.

Seriously though, he played with a broken shin…and played well.

6. You cheered on the Akron Zips when they won the Division I Men’s Soccer National Championship in 2010.

…and enjoyed the historic MLS Draft that followed.

5. Although there are some heated rivalries, you feel a bond between fellow MAC schools and their alumni

Especially when one of us faces a Big Ten school.

4. You’ve made at least one road trip to a place you’d never go for any other reason than to see a MAC sporting event

Seriously though, Ypsilanti is so nice in January!

3. You spend two or three nights in Cleveland every March

…and hope you’re cheering your team on come Saturday night.

2. You have an entire setup to watch live streams of games on your TV through

…and complain about the schools with the not-so-quality video feeds

1. You want the term “MACtion” formally added to the Oxford Dictionary


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