20 Signs You Graduated From The University of Akron

Once a Zip, always a Zip!

20. You’ll never forgive the clock operator (or Doug Penno)

19. You get excited when the yearly Super Bowl commercial comes on

18. The Rubber Bowl holds a soft spot in your heart

17. When somebody says, “I believe” you get the urge to start jumping up and down

16. You experienced “May Day” (or at least heard the stories)

15. You know birds don’t have teeth

14. You know that Luigi’s has the best Italian food in the world (and you have dined there at least once after midnight)

13. You know that Zippy is a “she” and was 2007 National Capital One Mascot of the Year

12. You remember when the university added the sculpture that looks like rock candy

11. You tried to avoid having a class at the Polsky Building but still got stuck with at least one before you graduated

10. You had a “Frye for Heisman” bumper sticker

9. You know eating at “Robs” was the best way to lose weight

8. You remember the Ford Field Miracle

7. You cringe when someone calls your school “Akron U”

6. You never watched a soccer game before coming to UA, but now a “2010 Soccer National Champions” shirt hangs in your closet

5. You still have one of these…

And might still use it…

4. You know that UA is the home to the top-rated student-operated college radio station in the United States – WZIP, 88.1 FM

3. You can’t stand Kent State…

2. …and Beating Kent State Never Gets Old

1. You spend one Saturday every March at The Q

MAC Champs!

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