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Worst Party Fouls

College students have parties (in case you did not know). We asked UA students what happened at some of these parties. Here are things everyone agreed should definitely NOT happen.

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1. Don't Drink and Drive

The worst self-explanatory party foul. Why is this even still a thing?!

You guys: Uber is a real thing.

So is Safe Ride. (479) 575-SAFE

Be smart, stay safe.

2. Don't Go Home With a Stranger


(Or let your friends go home with a stranger. )

3. Don't Climb On the Furniture

Especially if the table is glass, wobbly, or both.

We get that you are really cool and want to be taller than everyone else, but you may seriously injure yourself. Not to mention break things that do not belong to you. We are not so sure your parents would appreciate that bill.

4. Don't Text Your Ex

Alcohol is a mood enhancer, so whatever you are feeling is only intensified with a couple of drinks. It is best to cope with those emotions when you are sober... so let's not text the ex- boyfriend/girlfriend/bestfriend/roommate or any other person just to start a fight. Not worth it.

5. Don't Leave Your Drink Alone

Guard it with your life. This drink is your baby. You never know if someone at that party has ill-intentions. Or was smoking and tapped the ashes in your cup. Gross.

6. Don't Make a Mess

Ain't nobody got time for that. If you do happen to spill, break, or otherwise cause chaos...clean it up. Seriously. Right then.

7. Don't Start a Fight

Alcohol doesn't actually make us as strong as expect. You're not going to win anything but a headache with embarrassment on the side. You could also potentially face assault charges, jail time, and University sanctions if you do. No thank you.

8. Don't Steal Things

This isn't your house. Have enough respect for yourself and others to not take things that do not belong to you. The last thing you want is a legal record of theft. Good luck getting a job with that one.

9. Don't Come on Too Strong

Though we know you are an awesome person, not everyone may want to hear your great story about your cat's halloween costume. That is OK. Less is more, friends. Listen to cues and make good choices. Be respectful of others.


Sometimes, we are just not in the mood to get down with our bad selves. That is OK. There is nothing wrong with staying in, watching some netflix, and spending some quality time with numero uno.

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