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9 Ways Razorbacks Are Helping One Another

Last week, we asked UARK students "How do you help others?' Here are some of our top responses

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1. Pick You Up When You Run Out of Gas (or other such car shenanigans)

Dead battery, flat tires or out of gas? It always pays to know that someone has your back and can pick you up. Friends don't leave friends on the side of the road.

2. Support, listen, and be honest with each other

Making friends is just part of the process. It is important to find those who belong in your squad because oftentimes they become your second family.

3. Be the Designated Driver

Driving intoxicated is ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS. Instead of risking lives, call a friend or call an Uber. You'll save yourself a ticket and potential jail time. Do not forget to be there for your friends too!

4. Share the Wealth (but with caution)

We have all experienced the frustration of being tight on money. Whether you overspent on your most recent shopping spree or had an unexpected copay for a trip to the health center, you are broke and in trouble. If you have a friend who is generous enough to help you out with a loan, accept it cautiously. Although they are helping you out in the moment, if you do not have the means to repay them at a later date, your friend may not stick around.

5. Know When to Jump Ship and Abort the Mission

Another part of being a good friend is knowing when to stop. Stop whatever you may be doing. Just go home. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team and shut it on down.

6. Become a Master of Distraction

Sometimes you just need to grab a set of keys and take off doing your fully choreographed routine to Single Ladies. Sometimes you need to show your drunk friend the pizza rolls in the fridge. Sometimes all you need to do is sit down and gossip until our dear friend, sobriety, returns. People we interviewed knew their friends and knew what roles to play to keep them from making choices they would regret.

7. Share the Scantron

Don’t get a zero for not bringing a scantron! Buy a package and prepare to share.

8. Encourage the Study Time

Studying difficult topics are always easier when it's you and a friend. Grab some snacks, head to your favorite study spot , and get to work!

9. Volunteer Your Time

What better way can you make a positive impact, meet new friends, and feel amazing for your work? Don’t underestimate the positive impact you can have on others by sharing just one hour of your time.

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