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7 Money Management Mobile Apps

Most available for both iOS and Android. Some free, some with in-app purchases, some with a license fee.

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Wally (iOS), Wally+ (Android)

Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free (a hint that premium features are coming, but no cost yet)

Wally (called Wally+ on Android) learns about your spending habits as you use it. The app is highly personalizable. You put in your budget, update with your expenditures and the app helps you keep your goals. Includes some location-based features that connect expenses with the places you go.

Best for: those who like a general overview of what’s going on in their lives

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free trial (1 year for students) then $50 annually

YNAB syncs with your bank. You can share information with a partner to better manage shared finances. A lot of emphasis on providing tips to help you pay down debt and increase the time between when you earn a dollar and spend that dollar.

Best for: those who share expenses with someone else


Available for iOS

Cost: $3.99

Pennies provides tools to create and manage budgets of all sizes. If you want to track just weekend spending, or total spending for a night out, or a whole year’s worth of budget you can set up Pennies to do that. Pennies works across all Apple devices including Apple Watch.

Best for: those who like to plan every day down to the last minute


Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Mint is built and distributed by Intuit, the company that makes TurboTax software. It syncs to your financial accounts, helps create budgets based on information you provide, and reminds you about upcoming payments. Can also sync to the Mint desktop app for a stronger budgeting tool.

Best for: those who move a lot of info between mobile and desktop


Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free (in-app purchases for premium)

Goodbudget is built around the envelope system of budgeting. That means you put the money you want to spend on something in an envelope and it’s kept separate from all your other envelopes of money.

Best for: those who like everything to be kept in its proper place


Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

Penny talks to you. The (gendered) AI monitors your finances and reminds you when bills are due, lets you know when things have been paid, and shares facts “she’s” learned about your frequent spending.

Best for: those with strong text and instant messaging communication skills


Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free (in-app purchases for various premium features)

Toshl is tracks your spending. If at the end of a week you keep wondering where all your money has gone Toshl will tell you. You can use that spending information to build a budget that Toshl will check your spending against.

Best for: those who just want to know how much they spent

Dealing with your finances can be very stressful. If you're feeling overwhelmed please contact UAF Student Health and Counseling. They have people that are trained and want to help you be the best (and most financially stable) you that you can be.

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