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10 Stephen King Movies

All the movies on this list are in the Elmer E Rasmuson Library DVD collection.

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Screenplay by Stephen King

Directed by George A. Romero

A collection of four short films based on four Stephen King short stories. All in the spirit of 1950s b-movies. If you like some laughs with your gore this is the choice for you.


Screenplay by Don Carlos Dunaway, Lauren Currier

Directed by Lewis Teague

A dog is infected with supernatural rabies. That dog then goes on to terrify the small Maine town of Castle Rock. Not the best film (or book) but has enough moments of "really?" to make it entertaining.

The Dead Zone

Screenplay by Jeffrey Boam

Directed by David Cronenberg

John Smith wakes up from a coma and discovers he has psychic powers that lets him see the future. But can he change the futures he sees? A great story and good film. Plus...Christopher Walken.


Screenplay by William Goldman

Directed by Rob Reiner

After a car crash a famous writer is held captive by his "number one fan". Without doubt this is one of the best filmed adaptations of a novel written by Stephen King.

Rose Red

Written by Stephen King

Directed by Craig R. Baxley

Written specifically for television. It's a classic ghost story. No big surprises but a perfect choice if you enjoy telling the characters in a story they're acting foolishly.

Stand By Me

Written by Bruce A. Evans, Raynold Gideon

Directed by Rob Reiner

Horror movie? No. Good movie? YES. A group of friends go on an adventure to see a dead body. If you're enjoying the Stranger Things vibe then this will make a good addition to your weekend viewing.

Storm of the Century

Written by Stephen King

Directed by Craig R. Baxley

Perhaps the most underrated Stephen King story on this list. Also written specifically for television. A strange man shows up in small town with an usual request. His request is dreadful and puts the town to the test.

The Shining

Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

It's true that King has issues with Kubrick's adaptation of his novel. That doesn't keep this from being one of the most really, really scary movies based on a King book. Jack Nicholson's performance is unforgettable. If you haven't seen it go borrow it right now. If you have seen it, this may be the time to see it again.

The Stand

Screenplay by Stephen King

Directed by Mick Garris

This was first broadcast as a miniseries and is quite long to watch in one sitting. But it's great. After most of the human race is wiped out by disease the survivors are caught in the middle of a battle between Good and Evil.

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