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13 Times Fifth Harmony Became Every Guy's Dreamgirl On Their New Album, "7/27"

Fifth Harmony just released their new sophomore album "7/27" to critical acclaim. And as expected, it's full of girl power anthems. But there's still songs for wannabe boyfriends of the quartet and here are the 13 times they became potential baes to be.

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1. When they personified the proud boyfriend on the album opener, "That's My Girl".

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Because these are definitely some girls to be proud of.

2. Or when Normani snatched the best moment of the album with her unexpected high note at the end of "I Lied"

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Giving anyone with a pulse chills.

3. When Lauren led the vocals on their lead single, "Work From Home" after missing out on their previous hit, "Worth It".

We see you slaying Lauren.
Fifth Harmony/VEVO

We see you slaying Lauren.

4. And when she explicitly let it be known that we're 'pretty effing dope' on the deluxe edition's "Dope".

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

5. Or when they channeled Danity Kane's explicit lyrical stylings on the sultry "No Way".

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Because who could forget their predecessors.

6. But let it be known that they were independent women in their own right on the 90s-fueled closer, "Not That Kind of Girl".

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Seriously, did Max Martin produce this one?

7. And when Normani's ad-libbed 'Shut up' in the song gave us all kinds of flirtatious vibes.

XFactor USA YouTube

8. Or when they enlisted Fetty Wap for their second single, "All In My Head (Flex)" officially giving them further street-cred.

Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

9. Or whenever they do this while performing the song live.


10. Or when they got super and personal personal on the ballad, "Write On Me".

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Ultimately proving they can be sexy in other ways.

11. Or when Camilla slayed her opening sing-rap on "Gonna Get Better".

Tiger Beat

Um... It's just a surprise. Gangsta Camilla? These parts are made for Dinah. But Camilla quickly nipped that in bud.

12. Or how the girls described the way they spend their downtime in "The Life".

Getting down on a beach in Dubai? Pool side while sipping on a Mai Tai? Cool by me.

Getting down on a beach in Dubai? Pool side while sipping on a Mai Tai? Cool by me.

13. And finally when they let it be known that they'll always love us just the way we are in "Gonna Get Better".

Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Thanks girls.

With '7/27' being their highest charting yet, it attests that the album is definitely a banger and features some of their best produced records yet. Get your copy on iTunes today.

Syco/Epic Records

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