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12 "Big Brother" All-Stars Who Need To Make Their Return This Season

Are some of your favorite "Big Brother" houseguests pegged on our most wanted all-star countdown list for the upcoming season? Let's find out.

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CBS just announced the twelve new houseguests for Season 18 of their hit series. But there's six spots missing. Could some of your favorites be returning? Perhaps, so here's a countdown of post-Season 7 housemates who need to make their return to the "Big Brother" house on the June 22nd premiere.

12. Hayden Moss (from "Big Brother 12")

CBS / Survivor

Here's why: Sure Hayden may have already won Season 12 to lackluster fanfare, but the reason for his return would simply be because we didn't really get to know the guy. Like, at all. Rachel Reilly dominated this season in the "personality" department and it could be quite enticing for producers to show viewers the frat bro's hidden charisma and 'punny' nature that he displayed on CBS sister series, "Survivor: Blood vs. Water". I mean, where was this Hayden during his time of "Big Brother"?

11. Jen Johnson (from "Big Brother 8")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: The girl often varied between being the victim and the second villain on her season to only unfortunately come in seventh. But between her historic tears over the cast's final 'Memory Wall' photo to instigating several other houseguests into their own crying fits was phenomenally entertaining. Jen's juvenille drama could only add much needed conflict to the upcoming incarnation of the competition series.

10. Dan Gheesling (from "Big Brother 10" and "Big Brother 14")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: While viewers once announced to have had enough with Dan's brilliant and (arguably) over-strategized gameplay, after seasons of winners and runner-ups basing their game on luck than determined skill - he could be a bright spot to shift any upcoming season. The only problem is that houseguests may still have 'funeral fatigue' and wisely send him packing the first night.

9. Jessie Godderdz (from "Big Brother 10" and "Big Brother 11")

Sonja Flemming / CBS

Here's why: He may be the biggest douchebag to ever hit reality television, or the greatest social game player "Big Brother" has ever seen. Regardless of what you think, Jessie was the strategic pot-stirrer that ruined many of people's games; simply, a self-assigned, villainous saboteur of sorts that the competition has deeply been lacking as of late. And while his recent cameos on the show may have suppressed any urge for his return as a game player, viewers must admit that the guy is undeniably entertaining.

8. Aaryn Gries (from "Big Brother 15")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: Alright, alright... we get it. America hated this controversial Southern beauty queen after she made racist remarks towards Candice and others on the show, right? But from now what "seems" to be a renewed sense of perspective on his once-evil ways, Aaryn could be the unexpected power player on the upcoming season. Let's just hope her cultured and newly-grounded ethics are genuinely apologetic and not some manufactured ploy for another chance at $500,000. Because if they are, forget we ever mentioned her.

7. 'Evel Dick' Donato (from "Big Brother 8" and "Big Brother 13")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: His name says it all as Evel Dick was the greatest player to ever enter the game post-Season 7 (sorry, Dan). And while his health issues had him exit the game prematurely during his second time around, it's important for his overdo return to teach the new generation a thing or two on sneaky strategizing and intimidating tactics for any BB legend-hopeful living within and outside of the "Big Brother" house to learn.

6. Britney Haynes (from "Big Brother 12" and "Big Brother 14")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: Poor, Britney. She's the only houseguest viewers have truly felt bad for after having the odds stacked against her - not once, but twice. During her first time on the competition series, she was famously blockaded from her chances of winning by "The Brigade", a three-person alliance that included Enzo who only won one challenge during the entirety of his 75 days in the house. And then there was that tremultous second stint where her teammate Willie was controversially expelled from the game after fighting a fellow houseguest; ultimately leaving a damper on her spirits and overall gameplay. If she was to return, her hilarious DR sessions would surely be welcomed with (hopefully) some formidable and trustworthy alliance members in tow this time around.

5. Libra Thompson (from "Big Brother 10")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: Hands down, Libra Thompson is the most fiery houseguest to ever step foot in the "Big Brother" house. Don't believe us? YouTube: "Libra Big Brother Fights" to only be granted access to hours upon hours of verbal beatdowns from the Rice University graduate. I mean, let's be honest: She was the central reason for the conflicts on the live feeds and late-night "Big Brother After Dark" viewings during Season 10. And although she never really won a challenge, with a renewed focus and an exchange of personality for the pleasing side, this independent powerhouse and underrated quick-talker would take the upcoming game-cycle by storm if given the chance.

4. Candice Stewart (from "Big Brother 15")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: It's simple. Candice was never a bad game player, just surrounded by them. And although she made the big mistake of wrongly confronting Spencer in front of the entire house at one point, a return from Candice around some accepting players would be quite beneficial to the series.

3. Jerry MacDonald (from "Big Brother 10")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: Oh, and who could forget about Jerry? If he's up for it, the now-83 year old Army vet could add some much needed age diversity that has been missing from the series for quite some time. And with his intense, 'no-nonsense' ways, his entertainment value would be nothing but appreciated in this 2016 season. Now let's just hope he never calls Memphis a 'womanizer' again, or if he does - let's then hope we all have our popcorn ready.

2. Rachel Reilly (from "Big Brother 12" and "Big Brother 13")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: Well... she's Rachel, the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Big Brother'. But in all seriousness, like her or not - Rachel brings all the necessary drama and personality that makes this hit series what it is and those live feed subscriptions well-worth the investment. While it's highly unlikely that she'll make a return this season due to her pregnancy, we can certainly pray for another cameo appearance down the road (or just a snarky doppelgänger known as Elissa to take her place).

1. Zach Rance (from "Big Brother 16")

CBS / Big Brother

Here's why: We love Zach. Most people do. I mean, he's the douchey big brother (no pun intended) we all sort of wished we had. And sure he gets erratically emotional and can't win the season's most important challenges to save his life. But "Big Brother" would be nothing without Zach's quick-wit ("Fruit Loop Dingus", anyone?), trademark pink cap, and epic bromances. Just as long as Frankie doesn't tag along this time around, he'll stand alone as the most wanted addition to any upcoming veteran-featured season.

Tune into the two-hour premiere of "Big Brother" Season 18 on Wednesday, June 22nd at 8/7c to see if your favorites made the cut. Only on CBS.

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