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5 Tips For A Good Email Marketing

Due to the rush to have customers through Twitter and Facebook, email marketing is regularly considered outdated and outdated. What is the use of devising an email when you can participate in social networks?

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Do not abandon the old act of sending e-mails so quickly . Tweeting or "like" may be more appealing, but a recent survey by McKinsey & Co. said that email is a much more effective way to attract customers. How effective? Almost 40 times more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Obviously marketing emails are not the same. It all falls to the "subject" side of the mail. Whether or not a customer decides to open it, it will depend entirely on how striking it is written. Luckily, a new study reveals the attributes needed to create an effective subject. "Retention Science" analyzed 267 million e-mails sent through 543 campaigns in the past six months. If you want to reach customers by GoDaddy eMail Marketing, consider these tips when developing your next title:

1. Keep it between six and ten words. Having a subject line of six to ten words is better, generating a 21 percent opening rate, above the industry standard. Those effective titles containing five or fewer words are classified in the second with a 16 percent opening rate. And those with between 11 and 15 words returned with 14 percent. Despite this, most e-mails sent (52 percent) had effective business lines in the range of 11 to 15 words.

2. Consider the device where it will be read. 35 percent of e-mails are open on mobile devices . Since most smartphones only display five or six words in the mail subject, being brief and concise is even more important for mobile marketing.

Choose a personalized approach. It is proven that this helps to re-establish the conversation and retains customers . Of the email campaigns studied, those with the recipient's name in the subject line deliver a 2.6 percent increase in opening rates compared to those who do not have a name.

Consider referring to a movie or a song. A "Retention Science" study looked at 3.7 million e-mails and 22 campaigns; these featured movie names or song lyrics in the subject line and found that they were opened 26 percent of the time, while emails With the more traditional lines were opened 16 percent of the time. Again, this allows you to take a more personal approach and target certain types of customers.

Reconsider sales campaigns with flash. Almost 80 percent of flash email campaigns had more than 20 words in the mail subject. Unsurprisingly, these campaigns performed poorly compared to those with a shorter affair. Your negative history can also be attributed to the frequency with which the emails are sent. Flash sales brands tend to send e-mails to their customers four to eight times a week compared to the standard industry that sends them two to four times a week.

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