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Types Of Printing

The word printing comes the Latin impressio referred to the action of printing. It is the way a picture or text is printed. Printing is defined as any process by which reproduces information textual or image to a support, employing ink and substrate. This whole process is performed using a printing machine which transmits the ink to the substrate through the form printer , which has the image intended to be reproduced. Printing is also known as the brand that usually occurs when something pressed against one thing, applying some pressure . Similarly the word is used to refer to the opinion that a person has something or someone.

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Digital printing

It is Printing files that have been digitized. This impression usually has varied quality, which is measured by the type of printer used for printing. It also influences the type of paper used, ink, etc.

Dental impressions

It is the impressions made by dentists to take impressions of the mouth of his patients. These prints are made with materials special that do not contain any toxic substances that may affect the patient. With these impressions a perfect copy of the achieved structure of the mouth after a mass which is subsequently extracted starts to harden.

Industrial printing

It is also known as large - scale printing . This type of printing is being done in print, where you can reproduce images and texts through types ink pressure information transferred to the substrate or paper. Types of impressions industrial Serigraphy The prints are made on different materials ranging from T-shirts to tiles. gravure Prints used for packaging and magazines . tampon Prints on plastic bags, corrugated cardboard, food packaging, are achieved labels self-adhesive and newspapers. Employs a printing plate for relief, which allows the use of different types of ink. Typography Refers to impressions is done in conventional printing where mobile types are used.

Offset printing

* Printing plane where the printed image is textual or graphical features by joining points or lines known as weft or mesh. laser printing Print at high speed and with excellent quality. They make use of a toner or ink powder that allows printing of information through electrostatic discharge. It is a color print, where the paper lacks cleavage. Inkjet The information is printed on the paper through the alphanumeric characters or points that has this printer. The prints are to be fast and low cost, and quality is always 1A. The stroke in these prints is less uniform than laser prints. matriarchal With this type of printer you can get continuous prints. It is one of the oldest, however, they are being replaced by new technologies printers. Printing photocopiers Low definition, parallel lines used to draw the characters that can be seen with a magnifying glass and often use toner, although compared to laser printing quality is always inferior. flexographic printing The prints are made on non-porous surfaces, such as polyethylene.

3D printing

Process by which a plastic wire or derivative thereof is molded by adding and takes the form of a certain level that has been developed through a computer . During the process, the plastic is heated to melt, so pouring it into the shape having the plane. Said plastic can be melt by melting, using ultraviolet rays, or laser.

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