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7 Reasons Why You Should Join Marching Band In College

"This one time at band camp..." is a typical phrase marching band members will hear when talking to people not in band and it doesn't help out the stereotype of bandos. With senior year wrapping up for thousands of high school students around the U.S, many seniors are looking to retire their shakos after graduation. However, here are a few reasons why you consider continuing with marching band in college.

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1. It's Nothing Like High School Marching Band

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For many small town high school bands, marching band was the halftime entertainment for the friday night football game that was attended by a small crowd of parents and random students who had nothing else to do that night. In college, you perform in front of crowds of 50,000 cheering students, alumni and even celebrities on your home turf who love their marching band.

2. Doing Marching Band In College Doesn't Make You A Geek

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While many disagree that marching band member are considered geeks, society and the media, including Jim Rome, often portray them as such. That being said, this Texas football player is the number one reason why they are all wrong. Bravo Sir.

3. You'll Become A Well-Seasoned Traveler

BC Bands

From the Tournament of Roses to The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, college marching bands have the opportunity to perform at NCAA tournaments, international celebrations and parades each semester in front of millions of people around the world. Perhaps, you may even march past the President of the United States!

Shout out to you Boston College!

4. You Can Become A Superstar!

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While you could choose to sit at home on tuesday night and watch Hawaii Five-O on Netflix, being in marching band could give you the chance to record the music for the show's theme.

The use of college marching bands in television and film is becoming more and more prevalent when you have ensembles that can perform at such high levels. Take the USC Trojan Marching Band as an example. The organization has played a part in so many films and television shows they have their own IMDB page.

Basically, if you want become famous, marching band could be your golden ticket to Hollywood.

Also, Your Show Can Be Endorsed By Beyoncé

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That's saying something.

Nice work Michigan Marching Band!

6. You Can Make A Difference In The Community

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College organizations always try to give back to their respective communities and cities. Whether it is through volunteering with music lessons or sponsoring a team in Relay For Life, the members of the ensemble work hard to be role models for young musicians and their fellow classmates.

7. You Will Meet Lifelong Friends

Umass Marching Band

The people you meet in college will make a significant impact on your life. After four years of late night practices and emotional games, there is a special bond formed with all of the people in your band. As a benefit to freshman, you can start out your college career with over 200 friends who have been in your shoes and will help you adjust to the fast-pace college environment. From someone with experience, bandos always know how to have a good time no matter what's happening.

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