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This NYU Professor Defended The Murder Of Children In A Major Newspaper. What Do You Think Happened Next?

(And no, it wasn't Osama Bin Laden.)

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Nothing, of course, because he's defending the murder of Palestinian children

Meet Thane Rosenbaum, NYU professor and would-be genocidaire.
Twitter / Via Twitter: @thanerosenbaum

Meet Thane Rosenbaum, NYU professor and would-be genocidaire.

Professor Rosenbaum was at Fordham University for nearly 10 years before he and his Forum on Law, Culture & Society were acquired by NYU this summer. The Forum is described by David Lat as a venue for "fascinating conversations about legal issues," which is true if you consider attempts to rebrand the Republican Party and the promotion of political dynasties to be fascinating.

NYU must have, though, since they hired Rosenbaum, already author of a book about how justice and revenge are really the same thing, and, as of today, author of "Hamas's Civilian Death Strategy" in the Wall Street Journal.

The point, as can be inferred from Rosenbaum's tweet promoting the piece, is that the Gazan people are to blame for Israel's continued efforts to destroy them. They are to blame because they elected Hamas, and "What did [they] think was going to happen?"

Before you ask, "setting aside everything else, how are children to blame for votes they didn't cast?", Rosenbaum's got an answer: they inherit the sins of their parents.

Let's hope he doesn't have any kids of his own.

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