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10 Ways You Know You Are Too Fabulous For Dorm Life

Dorm life is hard for everyone, but especially those of us with more clothes than we can fit in our college-provided "dresser."

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Life is hard when you're too fabulous...

...Especially when living in a dorm and eating in a dining hall.

10. Your clothing won't fit in the college-provided dressers because you have too much.

9. Don't even start with the lack of shoe storage. / Via

With how much it costs to live here, I expect a walk in closet!

8. Your campus cafe never gets your coffee order right. / Via

"I ordered a double tall non-fat sugar free vanilla latte!"

7. The dining hall never has your preferred raw green in the salad bar. / Via

No Kale? No Arugula? Just... ROMAINE?

6. The shower heads...

5. You have such nice face wash that people steal it. / Via

They don't even realize how they are affecting your skin.

4. You spend twice as much as your friends on the laundry machines. / Via

Because you cannot mix your lights and darks. You also have twice as much clothing.

3. You are the only person at your 8 am final exam not wearing sweatpants.

2. Someone always drinks all of your almond milk.

1. And perhaps the hardest part of your day: no tall mirrors.

Pretty hurts. Beauty is pain. It ain't easy being flawless.

But the fabulous always make it through.

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