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10 Ways To Know A College Is Not For You

Future Class of 2020. Are you still deciding where to spend the next four years of your life? Here's how to know if the college you're visiting isn't for you.

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10. Nowhere on campus makes you feel like you're at Hogwarts / Via

Your library will be the closest you'll ever get to living at hogwarts

9. You see more than 3 pairs of Ugg Boots on your tour / Via

Bitch, please.

8. The dining hall does not have unlimited coffee / Via

You'll need it.

7. It is a "dry" campus

6. Over half of the buildings were built in the 1970's / Via

Wood paneling shouldn't be in one's dining hall

5. Greek Life

It might not be for you

4. You reference the new Beyoncé album and the tour guide doesn't laugh

3. The parking lot is full of sports cars / Via

And you do not have a sports car.

2. The library is not open 24 hours / Via

Trust me. You'll need it.

1. The showers.

Always ask to see a shower.

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