How We’re Pumping Up Our Commute This Summer

If you’re ready to push your morning to the limit, this post is for you.

1. We know, we know. Your commute sucks.

3. You’re tired.

4. You’re frustrated.

(You may also have a hilarious goatee.)

5. But what if your commute looked more like this?


7. It’s true. Your commute could be a party, and you’re missing out on the fun.

Look at how much fun you could be having!

8. How do you step up your game? First, Kickstart your morning.

It’s the morning beverage for extreme dudes who know how to shred at life.

9. Too broke for that raditude? Make your own cold-brewed iced coffee.

It’s surprisingly easy. Instructions here.

10. Next: Dress to Impress.

Barack knows what we’re talking about.

11. You think this guy had a bad commute?

Nope. Dress so well you make yourself look twice and you’ll be ready to conquer whatever the world throws at you.

12. Time to hit the road.

The morning commute party knows no ageism.

13. And: Cyclists everywhere.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

14. But we ain’t sweatin’.

Rush hour is just a game of real-life frogger. Don’t get hit, don’t hit anything, avoid crocodiles, snakes and otters. (Cyclists are the otters.)

15. Check out a cutie in the rearview.

Give her a tip of the Kickstart as a friendly hello. She will appreciate your gnarly choice of morning beverage.

16. Don’t forget the most crucial element: the playlist.

This is what your commute could actually look like, and it isn’t happening with that soft rock.

17. Pumping up your jam is half the battle.

May we suggest Major Lazer’s Workout Mix?

18. Never commute on an empty stomach.

It’s a waffle taco: half waffle, half breakfast sandwich, half taco, all portable. At the very least, settle for a bagel.

19. Now, envision yourself killing it at the office.

Look at this guy. He’s closing deals hands-free.

20. You’re having the best weekday in the history of mankind.

21. You’re the king of every meeting.

22. You’re crushing every joke.

23. Even Jim’s impressed.

24. You can do it. You can upgrade your entire day.

25. Because when your commute is this good, everything’s a breeze.

26. So why wait? Make your next commute the best you’ve ever had. The world awaits you.

And you’ll be chilling like Oprah all week.

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