18 Of The Dopest Rhymes From ’90s Kid’s Commercials

Why aren’t these on Rap Genius yet?

1. 1. Honey Nut Cheerios (1991)

Catch my name, it’s General G
And I’m looking everywhere for my honey, you see?

3. 2. KerPlunk (1993)

Start with the sticks, like so
Making a bed where the marbles go.

5. 3. Ghost Writer (1992)

Three magnetic shapes, one pen, two sides
Your drawings disappear from the magic inside.

7. 4. Sound Swing Bat [feat. Jonathan Taylor Thomas] (1992)

Whack it, crack it, best of all
You can make that sound without the ball.

9. 5. Honeycomb (1992)

Yo, the taste is in the shape, lip-smacking honey
The taste is really on and it looks kinda funny.

11. 6. Flippits (1990)

Made with real fruit and that’s absolute
And real milk chocolate, listen to me talk it!

13. 7. Flintstones Push Ups (1990)

Ah-yabba, dabba, ah-dabba do
Yeah, Flintstones Push Ups, that’s what’s cool!

15. 8. Golden Crisp (1992)

When you get up in the morning and you want some tasty fun
Call the Sugar Bear in Golden Crisp, the golden tasting one.

17. 9. Campbell’s Soup (1991)

It’s a soup for bears, Teddy bowl full of fun
Gonna make your mouth happy, be your favorite one.

19. 10. Label Zone (1994)

Make a card, make it cool
Labels on your stuff for school.

21. 11. Rice Krispies (1988)

One free in Rice Krispies. FREE.

23. 12. Pringles (1993)

Chips in bags got bust to pieces
Brings you down with all their greases.

25. 13. Honey Smacks (1988)

You can take the bus or hop like us
Make Smacks a part of your complete breakfast.

27. 14. Rappin’ Rockin’ Barbie (1992)

This Barbie’s cool from her head to her toes
‘Cause she’s got the most happening clothes.

29. 15. Fruity Pebbles (1992)

I’m the Master Rubble and I’m here to say
I love Fruity Pebbles in a major way.

31. 16. Liquid Tide (1991)

I know I’m chill, I’m seventeen
I’m all wrapped up in being clean.

33. 17. Froot Loops (1993)

My name is DK Rhino and I’ve been looking left and right
For a cereal that won’t bore me but there isn’t one in sight.

35. 18. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (1993)

Peepin’ through with an overhead view
‘Cause a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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