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Tyler Sorensen 2 years ago

The 18 Things You Find At Every Grandparent's House

It's a home lost in time. Luckily, XFINITY's here to bring the family together in 2016.

Here’s What It'd Look Like If Email Forwards From Your Grandparents Were Holiday Cards

And made a little more sense. This holiday, let XFINITY bring the family together.

59 Things We Do During The Holidays That Are Kinda Weird If You Think About It

Um, Christmas trees? However your family celebrates, let XFINITY bring 'em together.

18 Ridiculously Large Household Objects You Didn't Know You Could Drive To

Because you gotta pull over for the World's Tallest Thermometer. At least, that's what Eugene and Quinta did. Watch their #MapsRoadTrip teaser video here.

Out Of 100%, How Good Of A College Roommate Are You?

This is more important than your GPA.

10 Browser Extensions Every College Student Should Download

More right-clicks, fewer wrong clicks. Get more done with America's fastest Internet.

11 Weird Things People Have Caught Their Pets Doing

"My kitten was always very curious about what lived in the toilet bowl..."

Literally Just 13 GIFs Of Cats Accidentally Packing Themselves Into Boxes

Cats = the best movers. Stay connected between homes with XFINITY Movers Edge.

10 Charts That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Moving This Year

Moving is never a straight line. Thankfully, the XFINITY Movers Edge program can help you stay connected from Point A to B.

15 Things Everybody Does On The Internet But Would Never Admit

*closes five tabs open to the same page*

27 Websites Everyone In Phoenix Should Know About

I-10 <<< Information superhighway. Make sure you're up to speed with the help of your friendly neighborhood Geek Squad.

If We Held Funerals For Dead Phones, This Is What It Would Look Like

Battery life is short. Extend it with the all-new LG G5, the phone with the modular design and removable battery, so you're never without backup power.

15 Things That Happen When You Use Your Grandparents' Computer

Because 3D Pinball gets old fast, there's the Windows Store inside Best Buy.

15 Cats And Dogs Who Don't Know How To Use A Computer, Probably

Animals, will they ever learn? And will they ever buy 2 in 1 laptops from Best Buy?

20 Things We Did On The Computer In 2006 That We'll Never Do Again

Fwd: FW: Fw: Replace your PC with a new one from Best Buy, or you'll get bad luck!!!!!