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    Ranking The Parents From "Pretty Little Liars" From "Terrible" To "Adopt Me Now Please"

    These girls might have been better off emancipated, tbh.

    10. Kenneth DiLaurentis

    Kenneth DiLaurentis leans a bit to the side as he stands in the living room of his house

    He was hardly in the show, so most of our knowledge about him comes from stories and flashbacks, but that's all I need. Not only can you see the trauma dripping off the children he "raised," but he also just wanted to ignore anything that didn't fit his narrative. Dead daughter who?

    9. Peter Hastings

    A close up of Peter Hastings as he stands in his kitchen

    Peter was going to be last, but then I remembered how bad Kenneth was. Peter spawned half of Rosewood and then didn't do right by any of his kids. His expectations were way too high, he used any and everybody to get what he wanted, he had anger issues, and tried to throw his money and power at anyone that got in his way.

    8. Jessica DiLaurentis


    Jessica raised some absolute menaces to society and, at a certain point, you have to start looking at the parents and their actions. Her children had way too much unchecked power and she really just let them run amuck. She just gave up and acted like those kids were just her roommates.

    7. Byron Montgomery

    Byron Montgomery stands in a mostly empty courthouse lobby

    I have a personal vendetta against Byron. He really had some audacity making his daughter lie for him for a year and then being upset that she wanted to come clean. He basically turned the whole family against Ella, like it wasn't his fault she left in the first place after he cheated. Let us also not forget that Byron literally had a student/teacher relationship (I know it was at the collegiate level, but still).

    6. Tom Marin


    Tom abandoned his family and he made their lives worse almost every time he came back to Rosewood. If he were around more, he would probably rank even lower.

    5. Ella Montgomery

    Ella Montgomery stands bathed in sunlight while standing in a courtyard

    Ella was higher on this list until I remembered how casual she was after finding out about Ezra and Aria's relationship when she was still a minor. She was more concerned with appearances than the well-being of her daughter. Even when she initially thought Ezra was with Spencer, she just offered him a way out of the situation without alerting any authorities. Ella was more concerned with being friends with her daughter than she was with parenting her.

    4. Pam Fields


    Pam was questionable in the beginning, especially when Emily first came out. She was really overstepping her role as a mom when she went through Maya's belongings and ultimately got her shipped off to True North, which led to her untimely death. She eventually did change and came around enough to secure a solid mid spot on this list but, to be honest, the competition is not that stiff.

    3. Veronica Hastings


    The only reason Veronica is so high up on this list is that she was useful when it came to legal troubles. She came through when she needed to. There were times that she was terrible to Spencer in favor of Melissa, but that's a whole other issue that I can't get into right now. She really should've left Peter before the sequence of events in this show even started.

    2. Colonel Wayne Fields

    A close up of Colonel Wayne Fields as he speaks to his daughter

    His absence served him well. When he was around, he was usually saying the mostly right thing. Sure, he got some things wrong, but he was definitely the more supportive parent when Emily came out and expressed that he still loved her regardless of her sexuality. Wayne also told Pam that this wasn't some phase for Emily. He seemed to want the best for his daughter and genuinely care about her well-being.

    1. Ashley Marin

    A close up of Ashely Marin as she listens to someone off screen speak

    I don't care what anyone says, Ashley Marin was the only parent that was doing it right in this series. Was she flawed? Absolutely. But, was it abundantly clear that she would do ANYTHING to make sure Hanna was safe and taken care of? 1000%!! She even stepped in to care for the other kids when their parents were unable to for one reason or another. She was also so supportive of Emily and really wanted her to feel comfortable in her home while her mom was away. We have no choice but to stan for life.

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