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    Ranking The Parents From "Pretty Little Liars" From "Terrible" To "Adopt Me Now Please"

    These girls might have been better off emancipated, tbh.

    10. Kenneth DiLaurentis

    Kenneth DiLaurentis leans a bit to the side as he stands in the living room of his house

    9. Peter Hastings

    A close up of Peter Hastings as he stands in his kitchen

    8. Jessica DiLaurentis

    7. Byron Montgomery

    Byron Montgomery stands in a mostly empty courthouse lobby

    6. Tom Marin

    5. Ella Montgomery

    Ella Montgomery stands bathed in sunlight while standing in a courtyard

    4. Pam Fields

    3. Veronica Hastings

    2. Colonel Wayne Fields

    A close up of Colonel Wayne Fields as he speaks to his daughter

    1. Ashley Marin

    A close up of Ashely Marin as she listens to someone off screen speak