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5 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Discriminate Based On Color

I am doing this for a school project and I chose this topic because I sincerely love all people; whether they are black, white, purple, or whatever. I think it's important that we all do this; that we all put aside our differences and accept one another for who we are because it's not like we're changing anytime soon.

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1. Making someone else feel bad/different because of their skin color does NOT make you cool.


Your friends may laugh when you put down on somebody but in reality, when they get away from you they will probably feel bad for you because you're so unkind. So, do not judge anyone because it's not as cool and funny as you may think.

2. When You Say Mean Things, People Sometimes Take It To Heart.


Every single time a person says something mean about someone, they get hurt. It does not matter if you have tough skin and can handle it or not, at the end of the day you will wonder how someone can be so cruel. You could cause someone to harm themselves, so the best way to go through life is to use Thumper's Rule.

3. You Do Not Know What Kind Of Life A Person Lives.


We can go all our lives thinking we know what black or white people go through on a daily basis, but the honest truth is: we don't and we never will. We both have it hard, we both struggle in our own ways and we as people need to have each others backs instead of pushing each other down.

4. We Were Made Different For A Reason, We Should Embrace That Rather Than Fight About It.

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Do you think for one second a child born with Autism or Down Syndrome enjoys being different and having other people say mean things to them because of how they were born? No, they don't and the same goes for whites, blacks, whatever.

5. Everyone Matters, Skin Color Should Not Change That


I hate to be the one to preach that, but it's true. While we are out beating eachother up for where we differ, we need to be accepting the fact that no matter what? There will always be differences in the world. Blue and Pink. Black and White. It's just a thing, and the sooner we accept it and understand it, the sooner we will all be happy and safe.

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